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05/03/08 04:53 PM #1    

Courtney Guhring (Arensdorf)

Welcome to the St Joseph High School Class Of 1988 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/22/08 02:09 AM #2    

Gina M. Nobel (Stehly 88)

Is anyone interested in putting together a dinner somewhere on July 12 or on another weekend??

05/23/08 12:35 AM #3    

Paulette T. Monahan (O'Hara 88)

Dinner: sans kids??
Paulette (Monahan) O'Hara

05/25/08 06:38 PM #4    

Lori Fasig (Lee)

Sounds like fun to me... The get-together at the 3rd Coast Cafe is from 6-8pm on the 12th - how about we all go somewhere else after that?

05/28/08 05:35 PM #5    

Gina M. Nobel (Stehly 88)

A few of us would like to put a dinner with dancing night on the 12th at the Santa Maria Inn without the kids! If anyone is interested please let me know as we need a count of at least 100 people and the cost is hopefully between $50.00-75.00pp depending on how many people plan on going!

07/02/08 03:24 PM #6    

Kelley Grindle (Allain)

Please join us:

Kelley (Grindle) Allain
Michelle (Pastore) Galanski
Janelle Wahl

For cocktails and hors d’oeuvres

Friday, July 11, 2008, 7:00 - ???????

934 Hearst Ct., Santa Maria

BYOB and an hors d’oeuvres to share

Adults only

Directions: East on Main, pass Suey, turn left on Panther, pass Pioneer High School, turn left on Domingues and then right on Hearst Court

Phone: (805) 451-4967

07/13/08 11:49 AM #7    

Timothy Taylor 88

I just want to say thank you to Dan, Ray and Courtney for putting on a great reunion and to everyone that attended, it was awesome seeing everyone! Sorry I couldn't stick around, but everything's getting better and thanks for the support!!!

07/13/08 07:47 PM #8    

Bobby Ruiz 88

I second that Tim. Thank you Dan, Ray and Courtney and all who helped to put this on. It was great to see everybody this weekend.

07/13/08 09:28 PM #9    

Jennifer Allan (Davis 88)

I agree w/ Tim and Bobby! What a blast that was, and very well organized. Thanks Dan, Courtney, Ray and Kelly. What a great class we have!!! Glad everything worked out Tim!!

07/13/08 10:58 PM #10    

Trisha M. Sanchez 88 (Villanueva)

I too have to agree...This was an awesome reunion. It was soo good to see all of you guys again! We all look terrific!! Thanks to Ray, Courtney and Dan for pulling this off. I had a great time!

07/14/08 06:54 PM #11    

Frank Godinez 88

thanks, my head hurts. can i be 21 years old again...please?

07/16/08 09:11 AM #12    

Lori Fasig (Lee)

You guys did a great job putting it all together, it was a blast! Nice to see everyone again!

07/16/08 09:34 PM #13    

Monday Fitz-Gerald 88

A big THANK YOU to DAN, COURTNEY, RAY, ANN MARIE and the rest of the crew that helped! It was a big success!! Thanks again!!!

Here is the website to access the pictures I took. You'll have to copy and paste the address.....sorry. It takes a second or two to load

07/17/08 11:59 AM #14    

Bobby Ruiz 88

Great pictures Monday.

07/18/08 09:22 PM #15    

Kristin M. Wetstine (Chadwick 88)

I wish I could have joined you all but this site has been great to catch up with some of you! Thanaks to Ray and Courtney for doing this! It's been fun!!

And thanks Monday for posting the's not the same as going, but it's a nice replacement!

Hugs and love to all!!! I wish I could have been there! I'll definately be there next time!! I miss all of you!

07/23/08 01:11 AM #16    

Kristin Jamieson

Ditto on the thanks to the coordinators. You did a great job! I'm looking forward to the next one.

It was so fun to see everyone. I should have some pics up in not too long. If any of you are planning a vacation to Utah to ski, hike, rock climb, mt bike, etc, mi casa es su casa. Stop in and stay a while!

10/06/08 09:37 PM #17    

Julie M. Taylor (Cross 88)

Monday! Thank you so much for putting all 116 pictures up from all the different venues of the reunion! Thanks also for putting everyone's names! It made it so easy to figure out who everyone was in the tiny group picture from the Alumknight.

10/28/08 01:46 PM #18    

Victoria Daniels (Frutos 88)

What a fabulous reunion! Thank you Dan, Ray, Courtney, and Ann Marie! I had a great time visiting with all who attended. Thanks Monday for posting your pictures. I especially liked the picture of the St. Mary's Squires! I am looking forward to the next one!

11/23/08 06:52 AM #19    

Bertram G. Johnson 88

Does anyone here play online poker at with the user name Edzo?

09/15/18 11:58 AM #20    

Annette King (Ffrench)

So bummed to miss out on this one. Facebook has been fun for catching up with what happened after I moved from Santa Maria. I hope I get to make the 40th!!! Maybe all my kid commitments will be less by then. I can't wait to see the pictures. 


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